Chairman Andrew Do Celebrates National Nurse Recognition Week
Chairman Andrew Do Celebrates National Nurse Recognition Week
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On Thursday, Chairman Andrew Do presented a Resolution from the Orange County Board of Supervisors in honor of National Nurse Recognition Week. This year’s theme was how nurses inspire, innovate, and influence in the communities they serve.

Supervising Public Health Nurse Becky Stone accepted the Resolution on behalf of the over 440 extraordinary nurses of the Orange County Health Care Agency. 

County nurses were instrumental in linking homeless individuals from the Santa Ana Riverbed and Civic Center to much needed services, especially substance abuse and mental health treatment. Nurses evaluate these homeless individuals and figure out what options work best for each and every one of their unique situations. Just a few examples of how impactful and far reaching our nurse’s work is include:

  • Protecting 1,450 homeless individuals by vaccinating them against Hepatitis A,
  • Stopping the spread of communicable disease by investigating 7,900 incidents,
  • Providing 33,940 vaccines needed by the public for work, volunteer, school, and travel, and
  • Helping 13,500 children with special needs receive medical care.

Thank you to all of the outstanding nurses across Orange County who work tirelessly every day in an incredibly diverse range of capacities to meet the health needs of our residents.

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